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Capital IQ (Kenan-Flagler only)

May 1, 2017

Capital IQ allows users to search for and screen for information on companies including in-depth financial information on publicly traded companies, information on investment firms, biographical information on corporate professionals, and transactions in both the public and private capital markets by a very wide range of company identification data, financial statement data, executive’s biographical characteristics, and deal or transaction specifics. 

Information can be exported to Excel.


The Capital IQ platform, in various forms, is deployed at over 1,800 investment banks, hedge/mutual funds, PE/VC firms, management consultancies, and Fortune 500 corporations. (Source Vendor Web site)


Special Note: Because of licensing restrictions:

Access to Capital IQ is restricted to current faculty, staff, and students of UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

Users MUST use their email address when requesting an account.

Users MUST access through UNC Kenan-Flagler  Research Tools & Library Resources web page. DO NOT bookmark the S&P Capital IQ login page

Users will be required to enter their UNC onyen from both on-campus and off-campus. Then users will be able to enter their Capital IQ user id and password.


If you have any questions please contact



UNC Kenan-Flagler users only


April 28, 2017

Osiris contains information on more than 110,000 listed (publicly traded) companies, banks and insurance companies from 190 countries around the world. In addition to the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and ratios. Osiris provides, ownership, subsidiaries, earnings estimates and stock data. In addition to the existing ratios you can create your own that you can display in the reports and also use in your searches and analyses. Osiris contains specific report formats for companies, banks and insurance companies and also has reports that reflect accounting procedures in the major world regions. Both standardized and “as reported” financials are provided. Osiris contains graphing capabilities and integrated analysis software that allows users to compare companies against each other and produce tables and graphs to illustrate results. The tables and charts can be downloaded into various word processing and spreadsheet formats.

The company count breakdown by region:

North America 29,000 — Western Europe 16,000 — Eastern Europe 5,900 — Middle East 2,800 — Far East & Central Asia 44,000 — Oceania 4,400 — South & Central America 7,900 — Africa 2,600.

Special Note: To access Osiris Turn OFF your Pop-Up Blocker. The first time you log on you will be asked to select the country where you are located select United States and the U.S. state where you are located Select North Carolina. You will then be able to search the database.

UNC-CH users only