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How to Get & Return Books

Checking Out Books

  1. Find the book you want in the library catalog:
  2. Click the blue “Request” button next to the Call Number.
    Look for the blue
  3. Log in with your ONYEN and password.
  4. Complete the book request form.
  5. Pickup Location:
    FACULTY ONLY choose “Mail to CB# allow 2-5 days (Faculty Only)”
    FACULTY: Put your campus box (CB) number in the Notes box.
    Your item will be sent through campus mail to your campus mailbox.
    STUDENTS:  choose a library location or Delivery by Mail (if not able to come to campus).
    The Health Sciences Library is the closest library location to KFBS.

Returning Books

  1. FACULTY ONLY may return books by campus mail to CB# 3916.
  2. EVERYONE may return books to the drive-up drop box by the ATMs behind Davis (map)
  3. EVERYONE can mail books to
    Circulation Department
    P. O. Box 8890
    Davis Library, CB # 3916
    Chapel Hill NC 27515-8890
    more info

Where may I access databases and journals ?
You may access these resources from anywhere. If you are off-campus, you will be asked to login with your Onyen and password. This should be seamless!

I am graduating, may I keep my access to KFBS databases & journals?
No. When you lose access to your Onyen (through graduation or otherwise departure from UNC), you lose your access to all of the databases and journals from  UNC-Chapel Hill and /or Kenan-Flagler Business School. This is per licensing restrictions between UNC and the vendors of our databases and journals.

Here are some options:

  • If you can come to any campus library, you may use most of the UNC-Chapel Hill resources. This generally excludes KFBS resources.
  • If you are an NC resident, you may use all of the resources from NC LIVE via your local public library. Select Your Library to Access NC LIVE.
  • If you move from North Carolina, contact a university or public library in your new area and check which databases they have and what their requirements are for their use. Many other states including Georgia, New York, Ohio, and Virginia have consortia of libraries similar to NCLive.

Where is the full-text of this article?

  1. If you have a title, go to and paste the title of the article you want in the big search box. If we have the article, it should appear and you’ll have quick access. Alternatively,
    1. Go to our Online Journals page to search for your journal by its title.
  2. No luck? You may need to get the article by Interlibrary Loan if we do not have it online. This can take 1-3 days, but it’s usually pretty quick. Here’s how to do that:
    1. Go to Carolina BLU to request that a copy of the journal article be obtained for you by Davis Library.
    2. Select “Davis / branches” as your answer to “Which part of UNC Chapel Hill are you affiliated with?”
    3. Login with your Onyen and password
    4. If you have never done this before, you will need to register. Provide as much information as you can.
      1. Department: Select “Business Admin” for your Department
      2. Default Pickup Location: Set Davis Library or another library on the main campus.
      3. FACULTY may select “Mail” as their default pickup location; enter your CB number and books will be “mailed” to you at KFBS.
      4. Contact with any questions.
      5. Once you’ve registered, return to Carolina BLU and login again
    5. Look for the segment labeled Request non-UNC Material and select Book, Article, or Dissertation/Thesis.
      Image says "Request non-UNC Material Book Article Dissertation"

      • Fill in as much information as you can, including all required fields
      • You’ll get an email shortly indicating that your request has been filled
    6. To get your article, find the section called
      Electronically received Article(s) and click on the article – you may download it from here.
    7. This service is available to students, faculty, and staff currently affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Where are the pictures, and charts? I thought this was full-text.

  • Many news and magazine databases, such as ProQuest, Factiva, and Nexis Uni offer the text of the article but do not offer the non-text portions of the articles such as charts, tables, graphs, or pictures. To find these non-text portions you generally need to find a database that has the “page image” or “full image” (typically a PDF file) of the article you want.

This page was updated on 06/12/24.

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