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International Trade Centre

Lots of Importing and Exporting information. Click on “Products approach” or “Country approach” at the opening screen, and you’ll go to a page with a wealth of links to both ITC information and trade information on the Internet. Click on “Index to Trade Information Sources on the Internet” and you’ll go to a gigantic list that includes links to Web sites for newspapers, journals, and magazines about various trade and industry-related topics; online import-export directories; sites for networking and trade leads; sites for prices and exchange rate information; downloadable statistics; trade regulations, laws, and standards; tariff information; a calendar of trade events worldwide; information about government procurement and bidding for various countries; trade promotion organizations; regional associations, and more.”

Operated by the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. The ITC, based in Switzerland, has many programs for fostering or enhancing trade – especially trade involving developing countries—and this Web site is a great resource for businesses and organizations involved in the Exporting and importing arena.

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