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ORBIS has information on more than 321 million publicly traded and privately held companies from almost 200 countries around the world. The company count breakdown by region:

North America 68 million — Western Europe 79 million — Eastern Europe 42 million — Middle East 6 million — Far East & Central Asia 101 million — Oceania 30 million — South & Central America 53 million — Africa 13 million.

For the privately held companies information includes typical directory facts such as corporate name, the name of the “ultimate parent” company name,  location and address information, number of employees, several industry classification codes, type of ownership information, listings of subsidiaries, names and titles for executives and directors, and more.

For the publicly quoted companies, banks and insurance companies Information includes: all the information available for private companies PLUS: up to 10 years of detailed financial statement information

Orbis contains graphing capabilities and integrated analysis software that allows users to compare companies against each other and produce tables and graphs to illustrate results. The tables and charts can be downloaded into various word processing and spreadsheet formats.

Special Note: To access Orbis Turn OFF your Pop-Up Blocker. The first time you logon you will be asked to select the country where you are located select United States and the U.S. state where you are located Select North Carolina. You will then be able to search the database.

UNC-CH users only