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Mintel Academic

The reports cover a variety of sectors including consumer goods, travel and tourism, financial industry, internet industry, retail, and food and drink. Reports discuss market drivers, market size and trends, market segmentation, supply structure, advertising and promotion, retail distribution, consumer characteristics, and market forecasts. Most of the reports are for the USA and  China. Once a product category is chosen, one can use the drop down box in the upper right to choose a country.

Special Note 1: Report sections may be saved or printed out section-by-section, or multiple sections (even from different reports) may be saved into the ‘report basket’ and saved from there as a single merged file

Special Note 2: Users must agree to the Mintel Academic Conditions of Use before entering the database.

Special Note 3: Users may but are not required to create an account profile. Creating an account profiles allows users to save searches and set up email alerts when new reports are published.  Click on “create profile” then “sign in” to access the reports. You are only required to enter your name and email,(not class etc). Please be sure to “sign out” of your profile when finished. (source Davis Library)

UNC-CH users only