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BoardEx is an extensive collection of data on board of directors of publicly listed companies in all regions of the world. The companies included are divided into 4 regions (United Kingdom, Europe (excluding United Kingdom, North America (U.S and Canada), and The Rest of the World).  The data is further divided into 7 reports “Individual Profile”, “Compensation Analysis”, “Committee Details”, “Company Profile”, “Networks / Associations”, and “Announcements.”

 The years of coverage depends upon the data set. The publishers of BoardEx began gathering data in 1999 but some data gathered goes back as far as available. For example, the director’s profiles will include employment history for as far back as information is available. For data that is presented on an annual basis such as compensation, committee details, and organization summary, the information can go back as far as 1999 but it depends upon whether or not the company was in existence at that time and upon whether or not publishers of BoardEx fully analyzed the company at that time since our database grew and expanded every year since they started.

BoardEx is accessed through a Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) account.

Special Note: WRDS accounts will only be generated for current faculty, currently enrolled students (Ph.D., masters, and undergraduate), and selected current staff of UNC-Chapel Hill.

To fill out an on-line account request form go to and click on the “Register” tab in the upper right portion of the screen.

UNC-CH users with additional password