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CRSP/Compustat Merged

December 2, 2022

The CRSP/Compustat Merged database (CCM) provides CRSP and Compustat subscribers with a convenient way to link CRSP market and corporate action data with Compustat fundamental data by allowing CRSP users to search by Permno, Permco, and or GVKEY identifiers. Special … Continued

ISS Incentive Lab

June 6, 2022

The ISS Incentive Lab dataset contains data on executive compensation for approximately 2,000 U.S. firms from 1998 onward. There is also data on executive performance metrics and goals for a large sample of U.S. firms from 2006 onward. Special Note: WRDS … Continued

ETF Global

July 19, 2019

The ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Global database contains a large set of data on Exchange Traded Funds including bid ask and close pricing, expenses, tracking indexes, assets under management, data and funds flows, historical daily holding and ownership data and … Continued


April 25, 2019

RepRisk is a source of information environmental social and governance “risk.” Risks can be one or more of 28 issues and or 57 topics. The risks are categorized as low, medium, high, very high, and extremely high. RepRisk covers about 95,000 … Continued

NielsenIQ and Nielsen Data

June 20, 2017

The Consumer Panel data, Retail Scanner data, and Ad Intel data sets are only available to tenured or tenure track faculty and PhD Students under their supervision at UNC-Chapel Hill. Please email David Ernsthausen ( for more information and requests … Continued

Audit Analytics

May 1, 2017

Detailed audit information on over 1,200 accounting firms and 15,000 publicly registered companies. Determine who is auditing whom and how much they are paying for what services. You may create targeted reports by auditor, fees, location, industry, client revenue, market … Continued


May 1, 2017

BoardEx is an extensive collection of data on board of directors of publicly listed companies in all regions of the world. The companies included are divided into 4 regions (United Kingdom, Europe (excluding United Kingdom, North America (U.S and Canada), … Continued


May 1, 2017

CB Insights is a database that provides information and independent analysis of private companies in a wide range of industries. The information is collected from a wide range of print and electronic sources and is supplemented by interviews and independent … Continued


May 1, 2017

Annual and quarterly of data for hundreds of data items, ratios and concepts. Authoritative financial and market data covering publicly traded companies in more than 80 countries, representing over 90% of the world’s market capitalization, including coverage of over 96% of … Continued

COMPUSTAT North America

May 1, 2017

Data includes more than 20 years of annual and 84 quarters of financial data on more than 10,000 companies that are currently in business. The database also includes 20 years of annual financial data for 8,500 companies that are bankrupt, … Continued


May 1, 2017

S&P Capital IQ’s Compustat Snapshot, researchers get a clear picture of preliminary and final data for annual, quarterly and year-to-date periods, minimizing lag assumptions and look-ahead bias. The database creates a historical investment environment by showing the information that was … Continued

CRSP Indices

May 1, 2017

CRSP Indices there are almost 1000 time series in this data set, covering both levels and returns for various markets and portfolio types. The database provides stock indices, beta- and cap-based portfolios, Treasury bond and risk-free rates of return on … Continued

CRSP Stocks

May 1, 2017

A wealth of longitudinal price, return, volume, and other information for stocks on the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdq markets. Also available is return, volume, other and information on the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdq Market Indices. CRSP is intended solely for … Continued

CRSP Survivor-Bias Free US Mutual Fund Database

May 1, 2017

The CRSP Mutual Fund Database is designed to facilitate research on the historical performance of open-ended mutual funds by using survivor-bias-free data. The CRSP Survivor-Bias-Free US Mutual Fund Database includes a history of each mutual fund’s name, investment style, fee … Continued

CRSP U.S. Treasuries

May 1, 2017

The CRSP Monthly and CRSP Daily US Treasury Databases were developed by the Center for Research in Security Prices at the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago. The files include complete historical descriptive information and market data including prices, … Continued

Eikon (formerly Datastream International)

May 1, 2017

Eikon is a new name and interface for the former Datastream product. Eikon provides daily pricing, volume, and performance information on over 37,000 equities from 57 countries, 12,000 market stock and bond indices, 87,000 macroeconomic series from the International Financial … Continued


May 1, 2017

DealScan is a source for extensive and reliable information on the global commercial loan market. It provides users with access to Loan Pricing Corporation’s database of detailed terms and conditions of loans, high yield bonds, private placements, and hybrid financing structures. … Continued


May 1, 2017

In an Event Study the researcher is looking at what happens to a the pricing and returns of a particular stock or group of stocks around a specific date. This date may be when a specific event occurred such as … Continued

Compustat Execucomp

May 1, 2017

A database for effective executive compensation analyses. Execucomp contains more than 100 up-to-date salary, bonus, and stock option data along with company identification items that can be used to match the top executives’ compensation data with company financial data found in the … Continued


April 28, 2017

Provides both summary and individual analyst forecasts of company earnings, cash flows, and other important financial items, as well as buy-sell-hold recommendations. In 2000, I/B/E/S was integrated with Thomson Financial / First Call. In 2012 First Call was discontinued. I/B/E/S … Continued

Insider Filings Data

April 28, 2017

Data from Thomson Financial describing the sales and purchases of stock by corporate insiders. A database includes: Table One file contains all Table 1 non-derivative transaction and holdings information filed on Forms 3, 4, 5. Coverage January 1986 to Present. Table … Continued

Institutional Money Manager (13f) Holdings

April 28, 2017

Data from Thomson Financial. Stock holdings and transactions by more than 4,300 Institutional Money Managers and money management companies. The Institutional Holdings data source is the actual 13f form filed with the SEC on a quarterly basis by money managers/management … Continued

IvyDB OptionMetrics

April 28, 2017

OptionMetrics’s IvyDB is a comprehensive source of historical price and implied volatility data for the U.S. equity and index options markets. Ivy DB OptionMetrics contains historical prices of options and their associated underlying instruments, correctly calculated implied volatilities, and option … Continued

Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD)

April 28, 2017

The Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD) for academia is a comprehensive database of publicly-offered U.S. bonds. FISD contains issue details on over 140,000 corporate, corporate MTN (medium term note), supranational, U.S. Agency, and U.S. Treasury debt securities and includes … Continued

NYSE Trade and Quote (TAQ)

April 28, 2017

This database was discontinued by the publisher as of December 2014, and was replaced by theTAQ Millisecond database. However data is still available for January 1993 to December 2014. This database contains intraday transactions data in two databases, Consolidated Quote … Continued

NYSE Trade and Quote Millisecond (TAQ Millisecond)

April 28, 2017

​This database contains intraday transactions data in two databases, Consolidated Quote database for intraday quotes (time (to the millisecond), price and number of shares for each offer to buy or sell) and Consolidated Trade database for intraday trades (time (to … Continued

OptionMetrics IvyDB

April 28, 2017

OptionMetrics’s IvyDB is a comprehensive source of historical price and implied volatility data for the U.S. equity and index options markets. Ivy DB OptionMetrics contains historical prices of options and their associated underlying instruments, correctly calculated implied volatilities, and option … Continued

Product Launch Analytics (See GlobalData)

April 28, 2017

See GlobalData Information on new consumer packaged goods with more than one million new skus for new foods, beverages, health & beauty aids, household, pet and tobacco products from around the world. More than 20 searchable data fields per report … Continued

RavenPack News Analytics

April 28, 2017

​RavenPack News Analytics is a database containing millions of analytical data points for articles on thousands of entities. These data points can be used to perform a wide variety of analysis on how entities are presented or covered by various … Continued

USA Trade Online

April 28, 2017

USA Trade Online provides a wealth of data on United States exports and imports of over 18,000 commodities. The data can be displayed by current month and prior month, by cumulative year to date, current and prior year, and by … Continued

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)

April 28, 2017

WRDS is used to access several research oriented database including: Audit Analytics | Bureau van Dijk’s Osiris | BoardEx | COMPUSTAT Global | COMPUSTAT North America | COMPUSTAT Execucomp | COMPUSTAT Snapshot | CRSP Stocks | CRSP Indicies | CRSP … Continued